The Master Teacher Mother Plant, Ayahuasca guides us to remember our true nature, reconnect ourselves and be free. Through this internal journey we open our hearts and and clear our minds so we can live in alignment, in unity and harmony.


Some of us feel a strong desire to guide and support others on this beautiful healing, awakening journey. This is a great service and sacred activism in this time of need on this planet.


This Training is for Teachers, Healers, Way-showers, agents of the New Paradigm.

Please only apply to this Training if you feel a deep calling to be in service and assist others on this beautiful path.

I am sending out this invitation to my Brothers and Sisters who are called to walk this path of service.

You know who you are.

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Ayahusca Assisted Therapy Facilitator Training


The focus of this Training is to prepare you to guide individuals through a focused, personal healing process supported by the Ayahusaca.


This Training is not a shamanic training on how to lead an Ayahuasca circle or serve this Medicine.

This Training is focused on how to guide others to navigate their own preparation and integration process before and after the Ayahuasca ceremony, in order to create long lasting positive changes in their lives.

In this Training you will learn

  • You will learn about a focused preparation and integration process.

  • You will go through your own experience of this process in a small, intimate group setting.


  • You will learn a 'Map' that we use as a framework for this journey.


  • You will work through your personal blockages and step into your power as a leader and way-shower.


  • You will learn useful tools to help yourself and assist others on this journey.

Personal support, individual healing journeys, natural healing, bodywork, breathwork, transpersonal psychology, compassionate inquiry, yoga therapy, shamanic healing, healing rituals, earth practices, mindfulness, expand awareness, back to wholeness, path of love, heart opening

Immersion Experience

We take a 100% practical and experiential approach to gather the necessary skills and confidence to guide others. Learning while going through the experience provides deeper understanding and deeper transformation can happen.

Learning the MAP

We teach a proven, effective Map, outlaid in Nina's book that serves as a framework when guiding others through the Ayahuasca Assisted Therapy process.

Gold Standard

This is the first and most in depth (300+hrs) training available that will prepare you to guide others  with confidence in their Ayahuasca integration process. Our expert team provides professional guidance, personal support and continuous education.


Schedule 2021-2022

This is a 1 year 3 months program that takes place online and in person as a residential retreat outside of the US. Connect with me for more details.


- Personal experience on the path of healing, awakening, self discovery

- Previous experience with this Medicine

- Previous training in some healing modality

- overall health, well being

- Availability, flexibility (to learn and practice)

- Deep desire to be in service to others

- Commitment, openness, willingness to change