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Next workshop:
16 October, Saturday

focus: Healing sexual trauma


This month's topic: Healing our birth trauma

Embracing your divine feminine aspect to create health, wealth and balance in your life!



Our feminine and masculine aspect


We all have feminine and masculine aspects, qualities no matter what gender we belong to. They are the representation of our polarity and they create the framework to navigate our life.

Our job is to find our inner balance if we want to lead a happy, healthy and successful life.


Connect to your feminine essence to receive more joy, abundance and synchronicities!


Our MASCULINE aspect is active, assertive, giving, logical, mental, intellectual, focused, direct, linear, competitive, dominating, protective and electric.


Our FEMININE aspect is receptive, passive, intuitive, emotional, nurturing, creative, collaborative, soft, fluid, flexible, accommodating, yielding, expressing and magnetic.


Balance your masculine aspect to create more ease, flow and success

in your relationships and your life. 



The mother wound


The Mother wound is a core trauma of separation from the divine feminine aspect and the archetype of the mother. It is the original wound of abandonment, separation. 


What could the mother wound look like in your life?


  • Inability to create healthy, loving relationships

  • Perpetuating past trauma (abandonment)

  • Difficulties with money, lack of financial abundance 

  • Lack of success, not being able to follow your dreams

  • Lack of self care, self sacrifice

  • Low self esteem, self sabotage, co-dependence

  • Not being able to speak your truth, lack of boundaries


Your wound is not your fault but your healing is your responsibility.



Balancing the feminine and the masculine

In the collective evolutionary process we are at a time now when the feminine energy is naturally rising to bring balance into a world dominated by the masculine aspect. 


It is time for us to reconnect to the divine feminine from within and express our feminine aspect in harmony with the masculine.



Benefits - what can you expect from this workshop?


Healing your mother wound and embracing your  feminine essence without fear is vital to create peace, harmony and fulfillment in your life. We all have feminine and masculine aspects and we all have to find our balance. 

Most of us are very good at the masculine expression but no matter how strong the masculine is, it will be unbalanced without the feminine. 


This workshop will provide you with information to understand the importance of the feminine-masculine balance.

You will learn about the mother wound and see how it manifests in your individual life. 

You will expand your awareness and gain more clarity and confidence

You will learn about easy and useful tools and practices to start embracing your divine feminine

You will connect with your divine feminine essence and feel and experience deeply this aspect of yourself (guided meditations)

You will connect with like minded people and enjoy the safe container of a group of people from all around the world. 

You will contribute to the collective healing of the human family by healing your wounds, undertaking this journey and joining us in our collective prayer of healing and awakening.

You will receive the best guidance possible from Nina and Bonnie who are experienced in creating a container for transformation and healing

After this workshop you will feel more open, grounded, connected, happy and relaxed.


Date & Time

2 October, Saturday 2021

11am - 2.30pm CDT (UTC/GMT - 5 hrs)

live on zoom (will be recorded)


Your guides for this journey



Bonnie Divina Maa


Healer, teacher, singer, songwriter, registered nurse for over 20 years, ascension and plant medicine integration coach, shamanic practitioner, trauma resolution, energy medicine.

Author: The Place Beyond the Story (coming soon)


Nina Izel


Healer, teacher, author, psychologist, integrative healing and shamanic practitioner, founder of Ayahuasca Assisted Therapy, speaker, writer, spiritual trauma healing, planetary and galactic healing & awakening.

Author: Heart Medicine: Ayahuasca Assisted Therapy and the integration process

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