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Art has a magical way to transmit deep, meaningful messages and support healing in a powerful and effective way. The colors, shapes and energy of each piece resonates with different vibrations in our body, heart and psyche.

To choose the best fit for you at this time, simply look at the pieces and follow your guidance to see which piece you are visually most drawn to.

Having the original art piece in your home, will infuse your space with the specific energy and message of the art. Meditating with the art of your choice and using the corresponding mantras supports you to go deeper in your healing journey, transmute old wounds and elevate yourself to the frequency of love, truth and beauty.

Gifting a piece of healing art is a meaningful way to connect with your loved ones and bring love & light into their life. For this focus on the person you are choosing the gift for when selecting the best art piece for them.

All the art, including the frames made with love, conscious intention and in service to contribute to the healing of our human family. Enjoy!

To purchase any of the art pieces please contact me here.

Seeing through the illusion



This artwork is inspired by my quest for truth and beauty. It carries the energy of the Blue ray, the Indigo and the Third Eye. The descendants of the Cosmic Blue Ray carry the original blueprint, the Diamond Sun DNA. They are the Guardians of Humanity and stand for peace especially in the area of communication and resolution of conflict.

This energy helps you to remember and realign with the Natural Law and speak from your Heart. It supports you to see beyond the veils of illusions and accept the Truth into your life. It aligns you with the vibration of peace, harmony and Planetary Unification.

The energy of the golden frame resonates on the frequency of Cosmic Logos, Christ Consciousness, and Unconditional Love that raises us to the Solar level. It assist you in expanding your awareness and seeing with a New Eye.


You can use this mantra to meditate with this piece of Art.


I am willing to see with my Heart.

I am open to feel the Truth.

I resonate with Beauty.

My Heart is my Guide.


Medium: Soft pastel on paper

Frame material: wood

Size: 32 x 37 cm / 12,59 x 14,56 inch

Colors: black, indigo, blue, gold, white

This product includes: glass


Price: 999 USD

This piece of art is inspired by my personal, deep healing journey to reclaim my organic and divine and sacred sexual power. This art stands as a visual prayer to heal sexual abuse and exploitation, take our power back and to feel safe in our life and in our body.

The color red, carrying the vibration of the blood supports reconnection between body and spirit and serves as a grounding force. The frequency of the White Lotus reminds us to our original innocence, purity, strength and resilience to overcome and rise above any challenges.


This energy helps you to heal any sexual wound, to feel safe and free to express your natural, organic, divine sexuality in harmonic resonance with Divine Love Source. It supports you to bring your sacred sexual energy in resonance with joy, love and beauty.


You can use this mantra to meditate with this piece of Art.


I accept my power and I trust myself

I love you

I am sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

I am free


Medium: Soft pastel on paper

Frame material: wood

Size: 40 x 50 cm / 15,74 x 19,68 inch

Colors: blue, red, green, white

This product includes: glass


Price: 1111 USD

Freedom from bondage



This artwork is inspired by the energy of the Dream catcher. It reminds us to the Circle of life, cycles and rhythms, and the continuous flow of life force energy. It is a passageway and a bridge between the Mother Earth and the non-physical realms. The element of water and earth brings the energy of depth, nurturing and grounding to create synergy in our life.


This energy supports you to bring your dreams into the physical reality and master the power of manifestation. It brings you inspiration and guidance from beyond the veil. It assists you to connect with your emotions, the element of water and draw into your life healing and purification. Bringing you the grounding energy of the Earth, you will feel inspired and grounded to create your vision in this life.


You can use this mantra to meditate with this piece of Art.


I exist beyond the physical realm.

I am guided by my Higher Self.

I am a powerful Creator.

Medium: Soft pastel on paper

Frame material: wood

Size: 32 x 39 cm / 12,59 x 15,35 inch

Colors: browns, blues, turquiose, white

This product includes: glass


Price: 777 USD

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