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"Through healing I expand my capacity

to love and live fully"

I was led to this path of healing and self discovery by my personal wounding and restless inquiry about who I am and why I am here in this world.

Through my Journey two things became very clear to me.
First, We are more than just our physical body. We are a connected being of body, mind, heart and spirit.  Treating the whole individual as an interconnected being rather than treating a symptom or an illness is the key to healing and well being.
Second, we all have the innate ability to heal,

to change and transform ourselves.

Avatar Healing Arts, new paradigm natural healing, wholeness, healer

We are all powerful creators of our reality.

I believe that healing is a participatory process of integration through which we bring our lost pieces together. Through healing we connect the body, mind, heart and spirit.

This only can be accomplished with love, forgiveness and compassion.


Healing for me is a path of love back to wholeness.

Through this journey I expand my capacity to love and live life fully.

Welcome to this journey. - Nina Izel

“Dearest Nina you are such a gift. A true healer and an amazing woman.

Thank you for guiding me back to myself.” 


- K.

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CONNECT with me!

I am unique fire.
Melting the Old with the New
I weave my way.
I believe that all big changes
start with one individual
who transforms oneself.
My dream is to inspire and support

you on your journey 

back to wholeness
as your journey will inspire

others yet to come.

We are all One. - Nina Izel

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“Thank you for holding a space, judgement free.

I felt free for the first time to open, let go and heal.”


- S.I.J

Avatar Healing Arts

Avatar Healing Arts based on the understanding that healing is a participatory process in which you play the most important role.

This framework is an integration of cutting edge science and

ancient proven healing practices from around the globe.

The focus is on empowering the individual to awaken and reconnect

with its own innate healing power and return into a natural state of wholeness.

“Nina is not only a source not only of comfort, strength and companionship on this journey, but also one of many resources that have been useful and important in my process.”


 - Z.H


When you are in alignment and balanced within yourself you feel connected and whole

  • You are open to infinite possibilities

  • You feel confident, clear and relaxed, life becomes more simple, effortless

  • You feel empowered and excited to move forward

  • You expand your capacity to receive and give more love and experience life fully

  • You have a healthy body, strong, flexible, vibrant and alive

“Nina is powerful and magical being. Her magic is her healing power that comes from her heart, from love. This is why this healing is truly transformative.”


- S.R

My main tools


  • Holistic approach, natural, non-invasive technologies

  • Transpersonal psychology, psychological kinesiology

  • Integrative yoga therapy, movement practices

  • Diet, nutrition, body cleansing systems

  • Transformational Bodywork

  • Rebirthing practices, Clarity Breathwork,

  • Trauma healing, shadow work, inner child

  • Mindfulness, meditation, Inquiry, self reflection

  • Shamanic healing practices, plant medicines

  • Energy healing modalities, quantum therapy

  • Sound healing, aromatherapy,

  • Earth practices, ceremonies, prayers, rituals

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